For the Best Home Additions in Sussex County, NJ
For custom-built home additions in Sussex County, NJ, homeowners trust Garden State Home Remodeling. Our highly-trained team has the skills and experience to build outward from your existing home in whatever direction you prefer. We provide additions and remodeling services for businesses and homeowners throughout New Jersey. With a high standard for craftsmanship and technical detail, we’ll build you the perfect new addition.

Why Home Additions are Worth the Effort


Expansion can be expensive; with a bump-out, you can cut on costs for renovating or adding some square footage to your Sussex County, NJ, home.

Adding Value

There’s no better way to add a chunk of value to your property investment than expanding the amount of livable space. Whether you want the equity or the eventual resale value, home additions are a perfect way to do just that.


Rather than selling your home and moving onto something larger that meets your needs to expand, a home addition can give you the space you need while keeping you rooted in the neighborhood you love. Rather than deal with the hassle and expense of moving, stay where you are and grow upward, outward, or downward with our excellent home addition services.

Trust in Garden State Home Remodeling

We’ll treat your home as though it were our own, tailoring your home addition in Sussex County, NJ, with the individual care it deserves. The fantastic benefits of expanding your home coupled with our affordable plans can create a perfect customer experience.

Connect with us today for a free consultation and see what we can do for your home in Sussex County, NJ.