Roofing Contractor in Somerset County, NJ

Our roofing contractors are highly skilled and knowledgeable, we take pride in getting the job done right. Our goal is to provide you with our expertise at a competitive price so that your roof will last for years without being replaced. We have been serving the Somerset County area since 1978!

How do I find out how much it would cost?

Our estimators will come out to your home or business and provide an estimate after providing some information about what type of roof system needs repair work or replacement. If you need more details on costs, please contact us by phone today!

How does this service work?

Whether it’s an emergency or not, there are two options: either someone from Garden State Remodeling can come out onsite and give an assessment of what needs repair/replacement immediately (if water is coming through) OR if no one has been inside of the building since before any leaks occurred, they’ll provide a written quote based off pictures taken from outside.

If you’re in the Somerset County area, don’t hesitate to contact our roofing contractors at Garden State Remodeling Group for a free estimate. We know that every home and business is different so we will be able to help you find the perfect solution for your situation so call today!

It’s never too late to take preventative measures against water damage by contacting our roof experts now! If it is time for repairs, we will come out to assess the problem right away so that no more water leaks into the building. With over 17 years of experience repairing roofs, look no further than Garden State Remodeling! For more information please call us at (973) 416-5100.

Please contact us for a FREE Roofing estimate.

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Clients' Testimonials

Mildred J. White

1695 Amwell Rd, Somerset, NJ 08873

I was having a tough time finding an affordable roofing contractor in my area. I had been searching for months and no one would give me the price that I needed to get done what needs to be done! One day, this friend of mine told me about Garden State Remodeling Group. They didn’t charge too much but did excellent work on my old roof so it looked brand new again with zero leaks! Awesome job guys!!!

Oscar R. Bishop

915 N Center Ave, Somerset, PA 15501

One of my friends recommended me to get in touch with Garden State Remodeling Group and I was truly glad she did. The company renovated the roof for a very reasonable price, which is such an amazing deal considering most contractors charge way too much. It’s been six months now that it has rained but we’ve had no leakage problem since then – thank you so much!

Drew B. Midgley

122 N Center Ave, Somerset, PA 15501

I was looking for a roofing company to fix my leaky rooftop, but I always failed. One day one of my friends recommended me Garden State Remodeling Group and they did an amazing job. My house now looks brand new with no more leaks!