Roof Ready for the Fall

Snowfall is right around the corner. Make sure your roof is ready for winter by running through this quick list.

Clean The Gutters

Check for loose leaves and pine needles, which can clog the downspouts. Then make sure to clean out the gutters to prevent water damage from inside your home. Make a note to yourself on the calendar, so you don’t forget again!

Check Your Shingles

Make sure none are curled or cracked, or have exposed underlayment (beams of wood running parallel to the roof’s surface). Even if a crack is small, water could get inside during a storm and rot the wood underneath, which would be very expensive — not to mention potentially dangerous!

Insulate The Attic

This will help keep your house warm and should be done before winter arrives. It’s also a good time to inspect the roof for damage or leaks — you don’t want any surprises in cold weather!

Prune Vegetation Near The House

Dead trees, bushes, or branches that are close to your home could damage it during bad weather. Make sure these things are removed if they’re above an area of your roof.

Check For Damages

Make sure your roof is free of dents, holes, or any other damage. If you find anything, schedule a visit from a professional to handle the problem right away — and have them fix it before winter hits!

Get Your Chimney Cleaned/Inspected

Having a clean chimney not only helps prevent fires but also helps get rid of creosote buildup. Creosote can ignite on its own from heat generated by the fireplace, so don’t take chances.

Fix Leaks

If you’ve found a leak in the roof, or even if you haven’t but it’s been raining all day and your house is damp inside, this might be a good time to call someone. It could save you lots of money in expensive repairs later on.

Make It Waterproof

A layer of tar paper can help waterproof your roof. This will keep water from getting into the roof sheathing as well as protect the underside of the shingles from rotting out due to moisture soaking through the wood. If this doesn’t look familiar to you, make sure to budget for professional installation.

Repair Damage & Leaks

Once your roof has been inspected and waterproofed, any problems that were found should be fixed immediately! Work fast so you’re ready for any weather that hits your area.

Check for Falling Debris

Check for signs of wear, such as cracked or missing shingles. If you find any problems, call a professional to come out and take care of it before snowfall.

Make It Beautiful

Why not add some ornamentation on your roof to make your house stand out? Nothing fancy — just enough to give the neighbors something new to talk about!

Keep Up with Maintenance

When fall comes, you’ll have plenty of time to maintain your roof between storms. Make sure you schedule regular visits from a licensed contractor — this will help keep everything in order and will also help prevent small problems from snowballing into major ones down the road!

Add A Gutter Guard

Gutter guards will prevent leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters. This is particularly important if you have a valley in your roof, because rain water can get trapped there and cause damage to your structure.

Be careful with DIY projects

If you choose to DIY anything on your house this fall, make sure it’s something you know how to do — and that the materials are of high quality! Otherwise, save yourself some money by calling in a professional contractor.

Make Repairs

Check for any loose shingles or tiles. If you find any, make sure to nail them back down so they don’t fall off and hurt anyone!

Schedule A Roof Inspection

Make sure there are no problems that were overlooked during your earlier inspections. It’s better to be safe than sorry — the last thing you want is surprises when winter hits!

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